How did it all start?

At the age of six, Melissa started to learn piano after the only thing she liked about her ballet classes was actually the music. When she started composing some years later, she thought her music was too weird and different to anything she heard before, so she hestitated to show it to more people than a few close friends.

Later she had occasionally small solo concerts at Jazz Clubs and small venues, but she mainly kept her music for herself without great efforts of publishing.

This changed in 2018, when she met some professional musicians and finally found the courage to show some of her recent work. One of them, an US opera singer said that the harmonies remind her of musicals and bursted out: „In my head I totally hear a whole string orchestra playing to it!!“
This was the start of Grandios Sensibel. In 2018 she found Josh Platman from London, who plays cello and double bass. With Joshua she met weekly for a year to rearrange a lot of her songs. The result was the album Jugend. In 2022 she collaborated with Victor Plummettaz (cello), Christian Spohn (double Bass & cello), Joey Becker (bass) and Till Kolb (drums).

Earlier, during her Design studies from 2010 till 2015 she got into filmmaking and started to compose filmmusic for her own short and documentary films.
2015 she won an audience award for one of her short films, that was completely accompanied by her dark piano music and unsettling soundscapes. 





Grandios Sensibel, this is Melissa Klingelhöfer, singer-songwriter, pianist, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Germany.

She writes songs with an emphasis on pianosound, honest lyrics, string accompaniment and moony synths and beats.

The purely acoustic live recorded album named Jugend from 2021 is a wide selection of songs from her earliest teenage years till her late 20s. It is a collaboration with cellist and double bass player Joshua Platman who is also singing backing vocals.



Since 2019 she takes regularly voice lessons with Leo Simanjuntak and studies about jazz harmonics, rhythm and production techniques. 

During the summer of 2022 she got a government funding by Musicfonds to write new compositions. The result, 11 new songs, instrumental and with english lyrics, are going to be recorded with a variety of different musical instruments including piano, strings, synths, jaw harp, erhu, tabla, drums, arabic oud and will be published one by one throughout the year 2023.



Live video

Live concert 09/2022 with Victor Plumettaz (Cello) and Christian Spohn (Double Bass)

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Current work in progress

VIdeo Preview for my Next Single Releaser 28th April 2023:


Music Video

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