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The creative force behind Grandios Sensibel is Melissa Klingelhöfer from Wiesbaden in Hesse. Growing up in the countryside, painting and playing the piano were her outlets for expressing difficult feelings, and her sensitive and idiosyncratic nature was reflected in her songs early on. Musically she was influenced by classical music. In her youth, influences from Punk Rock, Gothic, 90s Pop and Progressive Metal were added. For a long time she wrote her music mainly for herself. In college she got into film, wrote her first film music and won an audience award with her first short film, for which she also composed the music. In 2019, she began a musical collaboration with Joshua Platman. This resulted in the purely acoustic album „Jugend“ (Youth). More collaborations followed, a grant for new compositions in 2022 and currently she is working on a new album.

„Art doesn’t exist to please everyone. Art reflects the world in which it is created and it may hurt.“ In her lyrics, Melissa therefore emphasizes authenticity, honesty and actuality, and also addresses uncomfortable political and psychological topics. Climate change becomes a recurring topic of her songs. Her lyrics always have a great influence on the structure of her songs – on melodies, rhythm, chord progressions and vocals.

Collaborating with other musicians, it is important to Melissa that they express their personalities in the music. When asked about musical influences, Melissa immediately names: Portishead and Björk.

Her latest single „Make it a breeze“ is about Melissa’s own difficulties to survive as a neurodiverse person in a neurotypical world. In particular, it deals with the issue of sensory overload caused by noise, bright lights, strong smells and large crowds – and how mindfulness can help her in everyday life. The song has received several positive reviews, such as from Visual Atelier 8 and Roadie Music. It has also been shared by ADHD and autism influencers. Melissa cares deeply about the supportive community, the anti-bleism movement, and recognizing the wide spectrum of neurodiversity.

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